About Me

Jessica GrossI’m Jessica Gross, a passionate and an articulate content writer writing in various niches from the last 10 years. Also, I have been an academic consultant helping the university students writing academic content. I love to write, and I am keen to contribute all my time to researching and creating quality content that provides value to the readers. I hail from Australia and hold a Master’s degree in Content Writing.

I believe that content is the king. It plays a vital role in online marketing and helps the websites gain serious businesses and traffic. Imparting quality content is an art, and it lays a powerful influence. I have put a lot of my time into generating content and will continue doing it.

I felt the need to share all my favorite articles at one place. Thus, Content Wolves was created with a thought to share, organize, and showcase my articles all at one place.

Thanks for approaching my website and showing interest in knowing more about me. Also, apart from writing, I have various other hobbies, (Yeah, I am not that typical writer who is into writing all the time). I am adventurous and love to do river rafting and tracking. I am often found listening to music when I am not reading or writing.

You can read my posts on Reading University, Rentometer Blog, Travefy, WebNewsWire, InkDotDesign, Techbullion, and many more.