10 Reasons Startups Must Use Video Marketing

The video is considered to be one of the most powerful marketing instruments for a good reason. Today, most of us are graphic learners because our brains have developed to prefer imagery over the other senses. This means that it is easier for your latent customers to perceive the information in a visual form rather than in the text form.

This trend has now been recognized by a number of marketers. Further, these people have considered videos as a part of their marketing strategy. In the case of ‘results-or-die’ situations, a video is a tool that no startup can afford to overlook.

Despite common belief, a video for a startup might be relatively cheap to produce while generating impressive ROI.

In today’s world of Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and other video streaming channels, immobile content is no more appealing. Even the famous brands and startups have realized it very well. You must know that the idea of video marketing is not new, but, what actually changed is how it has become a need on almost all the platforms.

Videos are not just the branch of the overall marketing strategy, but, it has now become the core of the marketing efforts. Here are some of the reasons behind the use of video marketing by marketers.

1. Modern Audience Prefers Videos

Are you aware that 78 percent of the people watch videos once a week? There are 55 percent of the people who stream videos on a daily basis. Apart from that, YouTube reaps more than 4 billion views per day. With this data, the dominance of videos can be easily concluded. This is considered to be one of the major reasons that start-ups are involving video promotions in their marketing efforts.

2. Videos Boost Brand Recalls

About 80 percent of the viewers recollect a video that they have watched once. This is certainly the finest aspect of video marketing. Fascinating graphic subjects induce brand recognition better than the content that is text-based.

The moment customers remember your promotional video content, they get back to your business, its products, and services. This automatically increases the leads and traffic of your business.

3. Boost SEO

One of Google’s algorithm aspects for the search rankings favors the amount of time a user spends on a particular website. And, undoubtedly, videos are best to attract customers. This is one reason; we observe exponential progress in such kind of dynamic graphical contents. It is important for you to create quality content in order to drive people towards your webpages. With this strategy, not only your CTR is boosted but your SEO ranking is also enriched.

4. Because Competitors Are Using It

According to the studies, it has been found that from all the industries about 81 percent of the senior marketers make use of the videos as a part of their promotional operation. Moreover, your competitors are already making most out of this tool with the motive of targeting the audience.

This further leads to an itchy condition. While you are ready to put your advertising video and you get to know that your prospects are viewing your opponents’ videos. So, the only way you can beat your competitors is by creating quality videos.

5. Most Sustainable and Long Lasting Promotional Tool

Videos are considered to be on top of the list when it comes to sustainability. These can be easily accessed on the web at any point of time and even on the Google search results. In addition to this, they continue to puff your brand at no added cost. Surely, this is extremely lucrative if you have developed a video of high-quality.

6. Boost Conversion and Sales

It has been found that 97 percent of the marketers who used videos in their marketing campaigns reportedly saw a push in their user understanding while 76 percent of them observed an increase in the number of sales.

This is one main reason that videos are gaining acceptance as a cult marketing instrument. However, it is necessary for the businesses to pay close attention to the quality, further, develop informative, shareable and entertaining videos.

7. Give You Real-Time Feedback

People tend to show their views on the videos that the marketers post. This further helps you to learn about your shopper’s behavior. Also, the answers and the observations that are posted on your videos provide you with a chance to enhance it as per the needs of the audiences. Since this is computable, you can easily measure its success rate.

8. They Are More Searchable and Compatible

While searching in Google, you will see that videos are leading the search results. Whenever people think of buying an item, the first thing that the buyers do is to search the item in Google or in any of the other search engine. In the web search, YouTube is considered to be in second place. This clearly means that videos are undoubtedly contributing to the high ranking in the SERPs. These are fit for almost all the devices: may it be mobile or any other desktop device.

9. They Educate, Entertain, Engage and Convert

In a recent study, it has been found that more than 60% of the people spend time watching a video related to a particular item they want to buy. Videos are expected to be a powerful tool when you actually think of inducing your audiences. Videos are prepared in such a way that they instruct, involve and entertain the viewers.

10. The ‘VIRAL’ Factor

You might be knowing that videos go viral very easily. In comparison to other contents, it has been found that videos are shared about 1200 percent more. This is a very big advantage for the marketers to make most out of it and convert it into an online sensation. Furthermore, it is one of the most amazing benefits of this approach as it will rapidly commercialize your brand or business.

Wrapping Up.

From the above-mentioned reasons, you might have realized the power of a well-thought and planned video campaign.

So, start working on your video marketing strategy now. But, make sure that you know, it is much more than simply recording. Any video campaign turns out to be a success only if the right strategies are applied in the right manner with the right approach for your brand or business.

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