4 Major Mistakes College Students Make

4-Major-Mistakes-College-Students-MakeFor most of the students, college is the first stage of independence. The students during this stage should not only enjoy their time but also be smart enough to make effective decisions.

Spending time on exciting activities may have a serious impact on the studies of the students, due to which they tend to make certain mistakes during their exam preparation.

Have a look at the following points that college students usually make:

Mistake #1 Not Seeking Help

Many students don’t seek help from their professors or teaching assistants. The reason for this can be either the students are shy, scared or they don’t want to leave an imprint of a dull student who is asking questions, that the other students may find it easy to understand. So, when they come across a problem, they tend to deal with it by themselves, which is just a waste of time.

You cannot give any reason for not seeking help from your professors. Your mentors, tutors are always there to guide you and assist you in any problem that you are facing. Seeking help is nothing about being ashamed of.

Mistake #2 Thinking Studying is All About Learning

You need to be practical while you are studying in college. The main aim of every student studying in college should be to pass in exams. It is obvious that the teachers won’t ask the students to leave the major facts and figures, but, yes, the students know how overwhelming it can be to remember large facts and figures. The main focus of the students must be to do the things that will help them to score well in their exams.

Here are some of the hacks:

  1. Talk to your seniors and ask them about the questions they were asked during their exams. Make sure that you are memorizing all the important points.
  2. Try to practice as many past papers as you can. By doing so, you will get an idea as to what type of questions will be covered in your exams.
  3. Don’t begin your exam preparation 3-4 days prior, instead, begin your revision well before the actual data, may be 3-4 weeks earlier.

Mistake #3 Negative Thinking

Negativity is one thing that will never let you move ahead in life. There are many students who feel that since they are not good at writing, so they won’t be able to write their paper well. This kind of thinking and mindset must be changed at the earliest. These thoughts can be dangerous and may further affect your study performance. Hence, in order to excel in your exams, it is important for you to get positivity in yourself. It is true that you cannot some specific things such as; difficulty level of the test, the questions that you have to answer etc. But, still, there are things that are in your hand, such as; your attitude, effort, and dedication.

Mistake #4 Poor Time-Management

Students have a habit of leaving their assignments and other tasks undone until the last minute. No doubt, it seems to be difficult to write essays and assignments in just 3 or 4 hours. It is necessary for the students to develop a realistic attitude towards the study routine. So, planning of the difficult and hard projects must be done prior enough as these might be challenging.

Moreover, in order to get maximum out of your study sessions, the students must forget about all their leisure time and fun activities.

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