6 Essential Skills to Enhance Employability

6 Essential Skills to Enhance EmployabilityWhat are Employability Skills?

Employability Skills can be defined as the skills that are transferable and are needed by the individuals to make them ‘employable’. Besides, good technical understanding and the subject knowledge, the employers structure a set of skills that they usually want from their employees. Employability basically depends on one’s knowledge, skills, and approaches, how you use them and present them to employers.

Employability skills are the qualities and talents that help you to be an attractive and pleasing candidate for a particular job. You may improve your employability skills through education, training and practical application that will surely give you an edge in the job market. Besides giving you a benefit in your job search, the employability skills also help in positioning for higher-earning roles with higher levels of potential.

Following are some of the skills that will help you in improving your employability:

  1. Initiative

Most of the times, the managers will want you to work largely unsupervised on a day-to-day basis, this will further help them to find if you are capable of making responsible and right decisions with the motive of getting a positive outcome. Relevant training and work experience are considered to be the best demonstrations of ‘taking the initiative’. Undertaking roles or placements help in providing evidence of your skill to define the needs of tasks and further work on them effectively.

  1. Professionalism

Every employer needs some kind of evidence to know that you are capable of delivering projects and tasks consistently, ethically and in a manner that will surely add up to the organization. It is very important for you to have a sense of professionalism- time keeping, appearance and ability to treat colleagues with respect.

  1. Commercial acumen

Solid commercial acumen is very important for responsible decision-making, that describes your capability of understanding the business situations and applying the same to your expertise and skills. Along with the technical know-how, there is a need to gather a wide range of relevant and useful information. This ability can be demonstrated through interviews by researching on the industry that your potential employer is currently in, and other important facts and influences.

  1. Innovation

By trying out new ways of undertaking the tasks or working on the problems, you contribute to add value to your organization. Thus, look for new ways of demonstrating your capability to add something new to the employer without undermining the basic needs of the profession. In spite of coming up with speculative ideas that might be off the mark, find out how you would add value to a task for the organization.

  1. Project Management

Every task that you carry out will surely have some kind of deadline. This might be in form of preparing a document, submitting a project on a particular time frame or anything else. Employers will surely appreciate your capabilities and use them to plan workloads to meet schedules and to reply to approaching deadline as and when needed. You can develop such skills by planning your routine tasks and standing up to your commitments.

  1. Communication and Presentation

Along with the technical qualifications, written and verbal communication skills are also very important for employability. This means that you must be careful about the wording of your CV, covering letter and other assignments that you are asked to prepare. Through interviews the employer gets a chance to assess your presentation skills, thus, you need to prepare and rehearse accordingly.

These are some of the skills that will surely help you to improve your employability.

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