6 Ways of Using Twitter for Attracting Customers

6-Ways-of-Using-Twitter-for-Attracting-CustomersIf you are planning to market your business on social media, then Twitter can be the first and the best option, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest being the other ones. But, you also need to remember that shooting out tweets hasphazardly will surely not do much to promote your business or grow your brand.

Have a look at the following tips to make the effective use of Twitter for business.

  1. Create a Content Strategy

To use Twitter successfully for your business, content is the major factor. But, not every content is relevant. Hence, choose the content that is engaging and best for your anticipated audience. The question that might be striking in your mind is that; do you have to post regularly? This is where the content strategy comes into existence. Developing a content strategy ensures that your content is satisfying your goals as well as the necessities of the customers.

To begin, you need to know about your content goals. What do you actually want to achieve with Twitter? Do you want to:

  • entice more traffic to your website
  • create a strong brand awareness
  • build a name
  • boost sales

After you know about your goals, the next thing you must do is to define your audience. What kind of people you want to reach your tweets? Once you are done with all this, you are ready to develop the kind of content that will be highly appreciated by your audience and that will yield the best results as well.

  1. Incorporate Photos and Videos in Your Tweets

The tweets that include images and videos tend to get more engagement than the tweets just with the textual information. So, it is a good option to make use of appropriate photos, not only in your tweets but also in your replies.

Apart from images, another good way of making your tweets stand out is through videos. While scrolling down the tweet feed, videos can grab the attention of the users, forcing them to watch it. Twitter is mainly used for short and quick updates. So, taking this into consideration, a video of about 30-45 seconds would be sufficient. Try to involve some eye-catchy headings and clips in it.

  1. Engage as well as Tweet

Having a website with an RSS feed, makes it easier to set up Twitter, as it automatically reads and sends out feed – that is great. But, don’t make a mistake of leaving it just like that. Remember that Twitter is a simulated water cooler and not a notice board. It is necessary for you to be there and participate in the discussion.

So, you must use a social media management app such as Buffer, Hoot suite etc., to get your RSS picked and sent automatically. But, make sure that you are also reading the tweets of other people, responding to them enthusiastically and sending other tweets of your own.

  1. Be Helpful

You can easily reply to the tweets of other people, furthermore, you may also answer the questions, comment on the ideas of other people. Many people might also be keen to reply to your posts. People who are actively involved in a discussion or a conversation are the ones who come out to be most receptive towards your message.

  1. Use Twitter Ads

You can get more followers, more website clicks and an increase in the number of app downloads with the help of Twitter Ads, as these have targeting features. These help you to select the kind of audience to want to reach out to. Also, remember that the cost of your Twitter ads is dogged by auction. Automatic bidding can be used in case you are having a problem to decide the amount you will pay for every interaction (as a new follower etc.). This will help you to bid best according to your ad budget.

  1. Use Twitter Analytics and Other Tools to Craft Campaigns

Alike, other social media platforms, Twitter also proposes its own suite of free Analytics that can be used by you to know more about your potential audience and how your tweets are doing. With the help of Twitter analytics, you are able to get a clear view of how many times your Twitter users have seen, retweeted, or liked or commented on each tweet of yours.

These are some of the strong ways of using Twitter for your business and further increasing your audience. Use these tips and make the best use of this social media platform for your business.

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