6 Ways to Make Most of Instagram for Business

6 Ways to Make Most of Instagram for BusinessInstagram is considered to be a powerful marketing tool for the businesses, that are looking to expand their presence and visibility of the products and services. Instagram is being used consistently by the business as there are a lot of Instagram users scrolling down in search of something new.

According to a study of 2018, it was found that over 1 billion Instagram accounts are active every month. Talking about the Instagram business, about eighty percent of the accounts follow some kind of business on Instagram and over 500 million users are found active every single day. Instagram is considered to be a unique and different platform from other social media channels for the businesses to reach out to the potential audience.

Have a look at some of the following tips and tricks in order to make the most of Instagram business tool.

  1. Be Consistent

Users will surely want to have fresh and new content, furthermore, the Instagram algorithm has a main focus on the recent activities that took place in the account to make sure that the most recent posts are displayed to the users first. However, as a business person, you need to take care of and upload posts on a regular basis in order to stay visible. Keep in mind to post at least once a day. You need to stay consistent by scheduling and planning your posts.

  1. Post at the Best Times

Besides posting constantly, it is necessary to know when your audience is considered to be most receptive to the posts. You might have received more engagement when you post at 8 am rather than 3 pm. All this depends upon the target audience and at what time they are engaged in Instagram. Initially, find the right time and then post accordingly and then, post at different times throughout the day. After that, you can post by scheduling time and posts.

  1. Experiment with Various Post Types

You can share content on Instagram in three ways – by publishing in the usual newsfeed, video content can be shared on IGTV or you can put it in your story that appears for 24 hours. The content of the post varies totally according to the type of post; it may include photos, links, videos or live videos sometimes. All the post possibilities must be utilized by the brands in order to maximize their visibility and engagement.

  1. Collaborate with Others

It is obvious that quality audience is built with time and patience, that eventually takes time for building strong relationships. Thus, you can collaborate with the Instagram users and post on other person’s account for a specific period of time or vice versa. This further help you to gain publicity and get a chance to raise your followers. The main aim is to partner with the right people.

  1. Use Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags are considered very essential for the success of Instagram. By adding the hashtag, your post will then show up on the content page for that particular hashtag for your post to expose and reach out to a broader audience. In addition to this, you can also design and create your own hashtags for your brand, promotions etc. It is best to add 10 to 15 hashtags to bring most of it.

  1. Encourage Interactions

If a person interacts with your Instagram posts, they are more likely to see your content in their newsfeed. Further, the more people interacting with your post, the more it will appear in the other people’s feed. You may encourage your audience by asking them to like, comment, save, view or share the posts. You may include attracting captions by including questions.

Instagram helps in providing an excellent opportunity for the businesses to associate with a potential audience. You can nurture enduring relationships, build up your brand presence and maximize sales.

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