7 Deadly Evils of Business Blogging

7 Deadly Evils of Business BloggingBlogging is the best way of driving potential customers to your website. As blogging has become a common task, there are many people who have fallen in the trap of thinking that it is an easy task. This can be the biggest mistake, especially for businesses.

Your blog is actually one of the essential channels of marketing. This method is also used by many successful brands to drive huge traffic, and create a strong authority, as all these contribute to the success of the brand.

Here are some of the common ‘SINS’ made in blogging. Have a look.

  1. SLOTHFULNESS – Not Understanding How To Use Your Blogging Platform

There is nothing much to explain in this. Regardless of the platform that has been chosen, there are enough resources that are available and help to make you learn about the basics of blogging. Despite just knowing how to post a blog, other relevant information such as, how to link posts to other related posts in the blog to enhance SEO. This will give the user or reader an optimized experience.

  1. LUST – Not Optimizing Correctly

The one and only way in which your blog will become successful is if people can find it. Don’t just write your blogs exclusively for SEO purposes instead, write for the customers. By concentrating just on the SEO would remove the human component out of your post. Try to know your customers and find out what they want and give them what they wish along with a creative post.

  1. IGNORANCE – Not Knowing Your Audience

It is very important to know your customers in order to give them what they are searching and talking about. What are your readers basically looking for? How can you provide them free information? What are the hot topics of the industry? These are some of the questions that need to be considered before brainstorming the material of the blog. So, it is important to work on your websites not only from the business point of view but also from the customers’ perspective.

  1. GREED – Making A Giant Sales Pitch

The posts on your website must serve as an educational resource for the keen readers who are in search of specific information or answers to particular questions. The reading that they do, must help them out. So, give the reader sufficient information just to graze their hair, leaving them to want more.

  1. PRIDE – Not Using Effective Images

By adding strong images, the personality of your blog is enhanced, making it more appealing. Make sure that the images you add are not too loud. Go in for something that induces emotion and has high contrast. You need to ensure that the first thing that the readers see is the image, so the images used must be eye-catchy.

  1. LAZINESS – Not Posting Consistently

Regularly posting is one way of driving traffic towards your website, whereas, by posting occasionally, you might be giving half-hearted results to your customers to visit your website. Such a response of yours will give the customers a chance to take their businesses to other confident leaders. So, at the least, post once in a week.

  1. SELFISHNESS – Not Sharing Your Posts

Always take pride in the work you are doing, but, don’t just keep on writing. Use your time wisely so that it comes out to be productive. Try to post links to individual blog posts through all the social media channels, as social media is considered to be a global sharing hub.

These are some of the mistakes that people usually commit. By avoiding these mistakes, you will find traffic increasing rapidly. The initial stage is usually the hardest and learning comes as you step forward.

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