9 Reasons to Reject a Candidate from a Job

9-Reasons-to-Reject-a-Candidate-from-a-JobRejection is part and parcel of the job recruitment process. Unfortunately, you will always need to turn down more candidates than you hire.

If you have revealed the ultimate secrets to hiring, you will be left with many job candidates to select from. This further makes the final decisions a bit challenging.

Here are some of the tips that will help you in identifying who to reject in order to narrow your pond of qualifiers.

1. Sloppy Applications

One of the fastest ways of sending job candidates into the ‘no’ pile is through sloppy job applications. The resumes with spelling mistakes, other configuring issues, 5 page long resumes and nonspecific cover letters are solid grounds for denial.

2. Unsuitable Personality

It is important for the candidate to have the right set of skills. Apart from that, the candidate needs to unveil the correct personality for the job. Say for instance: a customer-facing job likely needs an enduring persona. Hiring a person who is an introvert can be a mistake.

3. Sloppy Appearance

It is true, that this is not the first thing that you think of. The candidates who are serious for the job must know what to wear to an interview. There are many candidates who dress inappropriately for the job they are applying.

Say for example: If you are hiring a person for an administrative role in a law organization, it won’t be considered right if the candidate turns up in a tank top.

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4. Bad Fit

While sitting for the interview, you must ask questions in order to understand the motivation of the candidate. This is necessary as it helps you to assess if the candidate sitting in front is fit for the job you offered. And if doesn’t and you hire the candidate, he/she is likely to leave the job.

5. Not on Time

This is very easy. If you find that the candidate is not punctual for the interview, how can you expect the candidate to be on time for work? You must ask the candidate about the reason for being late and see if it is a genuine one.

6. Lack of Passion

In order to make effective interview strategies into successful hiring, you must take note of the nonverbal actions of the candidate. Taking note of the level of passion that a candidate puts into their discussion goes a long way. If the candidate is not passionate during the interview, why would they be enthusiastic about the job?

7. Follow-Up Questions

If the candidate sitting in front of you, has good questions to ask, implies that he/she has done their homework and is serious for the job. On the other hand, bad and silly questions tend to irritate you, which shows a lack of interest in the position.

8. Not Responsive

The candidate who is actually in search of the job, will come back to you and respond to your emails quickly. On the other hand, the ones who are simply whiling away their time will not turn up and respond at all, showing their lack of interest in the job.

9. Unaffordable Salary Expectations

There are chances where you might like the candidate, but, you won’t be able to afford them. Some candidates ask for higher compensation than they are capable of. Hence, this makes you reject the candidate there and then.

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