Effective Video Conferencing Apps for Businesses

Effective Video Conferencing Apps for BusinessesWhat is Video Conferencing?

The technology that allows the users in various locations to hold face-to-face meetings is known as Video Conferencing. This type of technology is very helpful for the users involved in businesses in different cities or even in different countries. A lot of time, expense and hassle related to traveling is managed with ease. Video Conferencing is helpful in holding business meetings, discussing deals related to the business and even interviewing the candidates for jobs. It is a live connection between two or more people for the purpose of communication.

What is need of Video Conferencing?

With the world becoming increasingly digitalized, video conferencing has become a necessity for the businesses around. It is not necessary that the people you are working with will be residing in the same city, hence, instant messages, emails, phone calls are standard tools used for the purpose of communication. Because of the following reasons video conferencing can work the best:

  • Efficiency

There are a lot of people who have issues related to the meetings being delayed due to some reason or the other- traffic on the way, variance in the residing places etc. Video Conferencing is the best way to prevent delays in the business meetings, regardless of where the people are located. With the help of video conferencing, you are able to conduct live discussions and communicate on various business deals. It saves you from the confusing chains of the emails.

  • Builds Culture

It is very important to have company culture. Video conferencing allows you and your business partners to have a face-to-face interaction that avoids the feeling that the other party is not interested in carrying out true connections.

  • Engaging

Yes, things can easily be done with the emails and telephone calls. But, such type of communications are not as interesting as the video conferences. With the adoption of this type of communication techniques, everybody gets involved in the conversation i.e. engagement increases.

Because of the above reasons, the modern businesses find themselves to rely on video conferencing.

Here are some of the effective video conferencing apps that are extensively being used by the businesses.

  • Zoom

Zoom is one of the favorite amongst many businesses to carry out the communications within the team. This tool has high capabilities to host large video conferencing sessions amongst the different businesses. By choosing the free version of the tool, 100 participants can be included in the conference with the limit to chat not more than 40 minutes.

Hence, with a paid membership, you get the option of hosting video conferences up to 500 members. In order to use the Zoom app, it is important for every participant to download the app, so that people know how to operate it before the call is scheduled. There are many features available within the tool- ability to screen share, record the call, and drop notes in the chat are among them. The video and audio are HD i.e. if your internet becomes a little shaky, the video freezes or the call drops.

  • in

Appear.in takes up the concept of simple communication. Like the zoom app, the you or the members using Appear.in need not worry about any sort of downloads or plugins to become a part of the conference. No special software is needed to involve in the conference. It has a disadvantage, that the paid version can also host up to 12 participants at a time. This app is better to host a smaller meeting. The users can join the conferences from appear.in from any device.

  • Google Hangouts

Another popular app for video conferencing is Google Hangouts. It is easy to manage as maximum of the users are already using Google in routine. No external app or software is required as Google Hangouts run through the browser. The free version of this app, helps to benefit 10 participants for video conferencing.

  • Blue Jeans

BlueJeans might be an option you have heard less about. But, it is the worth option when it comes to video conferencing for your own business purposes. In this there is no limit of the number of members which means that the members can join phone calls from any other device. For this app, customer satisfaction comes first. The managers ensure that you are able to implement and utilize bluejeans effectively.

  • GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is one of the most widely used video conferencing solutions. GoToMeeting offers HD videos, live screen sharing, mobile apps for increased convenience, call recording, and supports up to 25 different webcams at one time. For the meetings to be carried out painlessly and more productively, GoToMeeting platform must be selected.

  • Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime, released by Amazon, is an online meeting solution that includes video conferencing. By using Amazon Chime, you will be able to avail the feature of getting screen sharing, recording, chat options, file sharing and many other handy tools. If the call drops once, it automatically works to get back the connection (reconnection).

These apps will be highly effectively if you opt to use them in your business meetings. To carry out your business conferences smoothly and with ease, any of the above apps can be chosen according to the requirements of the business.

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