Fitness Boxing: Get Fit While Having Fun with A Video Game

Fitness Boxing Get Fit While Having Fun with A Video GameWHY FITNESS GAMES

Earlier it was only television but now sedentary lifestyle has new allies. Now, all kinds of screens that catch us and suck us up in their world have come to our hands: tablets, phones and game consoles have come to stay so you know if you cannot beat your enemy the best is always to join. That’s what the creators of this new video game for the Nintendo Switch have thought; Fitness Boxing tries to get us in shape while we compete, we learn boxing techniques, we sweat and we laugh for a while. It looks like a perfect thing for you, isn’t it?


There are many parents who demonize consoles and video games. It is true that they “help” us so much that our children are “absent” at home when we are talking to them. They are usually a reason for family discussion: how long can they play, what days can they play on and what games. Like everything in life, this form of leisure too has a good side and it is worth knowing its advantages.


What delights us today is to say that a new video game is there in the market that will not only allow family games but also encourages physical activity. The new personal training software from Nintendo Switch allows you to train at your own pace, from home, based on basic boxing moves. Six different instructors will help you achieve your goals and lead a healthy life in the new year. You can choose to train alone or accompanied. To start, you can customize your workout by entering your weight and height, so you can calculate your body mass index (BMC) and you can follow your progress with the help of very useful graphics. You can set objectives and focus the exercise on the specific areas of the body that you are most interested in toning, or focus on keeping fit or losing weight, thus becoming the perfect training without leaving home. The game allows you to follow the progress of calories burned or the number of punches and provides different graphics so you can track the exercise and see the progress. You can also check all past and future training sessions in the calendar.


A study published in the Journal Paediatrics by researchers at the University of Montreal (Canada) offered positive news for teenagers who love consoles and their parents: games like Wii Sports and Dance Revolution can bring them closer to the recommended levels of physical activity.

From this research, it is assured that active collaborative video games, always guided by a specialist, can become a great help in promoting and maintaining interest in physical activity among children and young people. Apparently, Nintendo Switch has become the best-selling video game console of this generation of hardware in the first 21 months of its launch, according to the group. Since its launch in March 2017 until November 2018, it has sold more than 8.7 million units in the United States alone, surpassing the sales of the other platforms of the competition in the same period of time. In addition to the new Fitness Boxing, there are many other video games that help you perform the physical activity while getting entertained.


They are great not only to play as a family but also in the company of friends. Just Dance, Dance Central or Zumba Fitness are fun, very useful to exercise your body, improve your coordination, test your flexibility, improve your physical condition and who knows that you may become a great dancer.


In this case, video games are usually designed to train alone or as a couple and maybe something less fun but very effective. The new Fitness Boxing adds to those already existing in the market that allow us to keep fit. In EA Sports Active 2 besides being able to configure the exercise you want to do according to your age, training modality or other details, you can track the rhythm of your heart. Designed with the collaboration of experts in health and fitness, the numerous exercises take advantage of the motion sensor of the Wii Remote and the nunchuck, in addition to a tape specially designed for the leg and a fastening tape that, together with the Wii controller, guarantee a varied and productive exercise session. You can also choose a variety of exercises with routines that can be adapted according to your needs or the skills you are interested in working with. It uses a combination of six elements of physical conditioning, including cardio, balance, upper body strength, lower body strength, core strength and flexibility. You can perform customized workouts, expand with downloadable routines to stay motivated with training designed by experienced health professionals.

If you like to get even more, Nike + Kinect Training is for you. With this video game, you can improve your physical shape as the game allows personalized physical exercises ideal for toning, losing weight and even increase your strength. It is a match for those who want to strengthen their muscles, tone their body or lose those extra pounds from the comfort of the room. A program that will demand effort and results from the first minute. It is nice to be able to exercise at home, especially if we have the help of this type of tools. So, what are we playing today?

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