Get Rid of These 9 Video Marketing Mistakes

video marketing mistakesEarlier, video marketing used to be an exclusive and lengthy business but now with the enhancements in the professional video production equipment, smartphone technology and the use of platforms such as YouTube, almost anyone can become a video marketer. Thus, now there are about 87 percent of the online marketers who are using video content in their marketing.

  1. Making video just for the sake of making it

The major mistake that the marketers make in the video marketing is making the video just for the sake. This means that the video is being produced without a suitable marketing plan and distribution strategy. Have you heard about a saying “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail”? This is true for the video. Video must be considered an important part of the marketing strategy you are adopting. You need to keep in mind, the reason behind making the video. In order to avoid this mistake in your video marketing strategy, you need to think why is the video being made, who is the anticipated audience, the impact it will leave on the viewers, and how will you measure the success of the video. Thus, you need to be prepared while making the video.

  1. Not branding your business and services correctly

Many factors could take the attention away from your brand and set you apart from your brand in the minds of the potential customers. Therefore, don’t forget to include your logo, your tag line, the URL of your website and anything that is particularly related to your brand, in your video. Don’t ever make a mistake of neglecting things in a hurry. Make sure that your video is doing its task by conveying your benefits and promoting your business correctly. The video should be influencing enough that after watching it, the audience becomes familiar with the name of your business, logo, and website. To prevent such mistakes in your video, ensure that the logo of your business, the tagline and the URL of your website is included (ideally at the beginning of the video).

  1. Making the video that is too long

Another big mistake in video marketing is to make the video that is too long. The time duration of the videos has now been limited to a particular range by the internet. So, you need to keep in mind that the audiences will watch the videos that will be short, sweet and to the point. To prevent this kind of mistake, “shorter is better” outlook must be adopted. You should plan the length of the video at the beginning. The best average duration of a video must be of about 60-90 seconds, being short and crisp. Don’t get into a lengthy introduction and just be to the point.

  1. Not focusing on a single message

Making a video that doesn’t have a clearly defined message and that jumps from one topic to the other, is another mistake of video marketing. Don’t put a lot of information into your video instead try to focus on a single message. By having multiple messages, there are chances that the audiences won’t be able to follow them. The video of particular time duration is the only way you can engage and educate the audiences. To get rid of this mistake, you should have a focused message, to deliver the customers. If there are several points that you want to cover, you can choose to do it by making separate videos.

  1. Not including a clear call-to-action

Making a video that doesn’t have any clear call to action, further leaving the audiences unsure of the next step is another mistake of video marketing. A call to action is nothing but a simple set of guidelines that direct your viewers about the next step. After watching your video, if the customers are thinking of ‘what next?’, then you have not done your job effectively.

  1. Failing to implement SEO practices

One of the most common mistakes is that people make the videos without the use of correct SEO methods. This further skips on the benefits of SEO for the high search rankings. Search Engine Optimization is the techniques and tactics that are used to increase the amount of quality traffic towards your website. This helps in improving the ranking in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. To avoid this mistake, make sure to give a proper title to your video by using the keywords related to the content. Take sufficient time to fill the video descriptions including the backlinks to your website, and add the tags that are related to the brand and industry.

  1. Expecting instant results

Expecting instant results by a new creativity is another mistake of video marketing. There are many marketing campaigns that need time to gain motion and further produce a return. Every brand or individual behind the campaign has a particular strategy to make their videos available to the viewers. It is not that a video will be a success only if you have high social media following. But a constant and persistent effort can also yield better results. When the visitors come to your website, watch, share and engage in the videos you have shared, it should be considered as the best of the results.

  1. Improper placement of selling points

Placing the selling points incorrectly is another mistake of video marketing. Producing the videos that have the selling points, in the end, results in a maximum number of people missing them. as discussed before, the video should not be stretched as the viewers are not likely to watch the complete video. Thus, to avoid this mistake, you must organize and structure your content properly in the video. The most exciting information must be placed at the beginning, followed by the supporting details.

  1. Failing to address a target audience

Making a video with a particular message that doesn’t address a specific audience is another mistake in video marketing. You might have products or services that are really beneficial for the people, but any video that you are creating should have only one target market. To escape from such a situation, you must research your target audience, find out about their needs.

These are some of the mistakes of video marketing. Avoid these mistakes and you will be able to make the best video for your brand and business that will further drive traffic towards the website.

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