How to choose suitable images for social media?

How to choose suitable images for social mediaHow to choose suitable images for social mediaHow to choose suitable images for social media?You have some pictures and you know that you’re going to post them on social media. But, the question arises, “is the image suitable for the social media?”, “will that image engross the audience?”. Not everything that we like is worth posting on the social media sites. Different social media sites have separate criteria of liking by the crowd. To earn success over the social media, visuals are the key elements. A good number of factors helps in influencing how good is your image performing.

Have a look at the following points, with the help of which you can choose the correct image to post on social media.

  1. Create bite-sized visuals for Facebook sharing

Talking about social media, the visual and the graphical media performs well as compared to the textual representation. Therefore, in order to stimulate the content for a longer time, it can be uploaded with the image, so that it grabs the attention of the viewers. An image can be created that is related to the blog content so that a large number of people are able to share and view it.

The images that are preferred on social sites are:

  • Images that reflect a body part such as a hand or ankle preferred
  • Go bright, clear, lively and original
  1. Know about the secrets related to Instagram

The posts that are successful on Facebook will not surely be successful on Instagram. Every site has its own way to earn traffic. The successful Instagram posts have the tendency to hold some properties:

  • Images are clear and lively
  • A considerable amount of space for the background
  • One lead color
  • Low levels of saturation in the images
  1. Data should be picturized

Instead of the simple images, the pictorial representation of the image speaks a lot. This further attracts a lot of consumers and hence, avail the useful information to them. In short, with the help of attractive images, a strong attention is gained on social media. There are chances that the images that attract just by a glimpse, is able to get shared three times more likely than the simple text.

Read the points to know how well the visualizations for the content can be created:

  • Everything shouldn’t be pictographic
  • Don’t act smart with the data conception
  • Make use of delicate design methods
  • The colors should be used to enhance the view and not to decorate
  1. Create a call to action that brings a reaction

It is not always important that if your content is getting shared and liked, it will add traffic to the site. The basic task is to hit the right amount of balance with the involvement and CTR goals. Also, the call to action should be the same with the aim of the post.

These are some of the points that can be remembered at the time of posting the images. This will help in choosing the correct images for the social media.


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