Information Technology: How It Can Impact Your Business

Information Technology How It Can Impact Your BusinessIn the era of Information Technology, businesses are created around technology (business technology), that is, technological innovations make the enterprise boosted. When an entrepreneur mentalizes a business one should keep in mind aspects considered essential, such as the technologies employed, then the entrepreneur can think of a business plan, target audience and market. But initially, he should keep in mind that technology comes first in the era of Business Technology.

To better understand this concept of BT, we have some companies created from this concept presented: Uber and Airbnb.

Uber uses smartphones as a means of communication among those interested in hitchhiking and earning from it.

As for Airbnb, it arose with the need of the market for sales of houses and rooms. What it did not have until the company’s emergence as a platform, which brought together these offers in an orderly fashion, using technology as a facilitator.

In this way, BT shows itself as a powerful tool for enterprises, regardless of their size. With this in mind, we present five technologies that should boost the creation of new businesses:


They are used in some companies for customer service. Chatbots can replace some tasks performed by humans. This is due to the artificial intelligence employed in the construction of this type of message exchange.

Internet of Things

The concept that attempts to bring connectivity to objects that were previously only plugged in. The concept is simple, it uses technology and convenience with the desire of the client, that is, the technology is present in every room of the client’s home, whether as a voice command, TVs in mirrors, among other technological equipment.

Big data

Processing of massive amounts of information generated daily by Internet users. Through Big Data, information processing is based on the right questions for extracting information from the database.

Artificial intelligence

By which the computer thinks individually about possible outputs (responses) and input information (request). With this, he learns and becomes increasingly intelligent according to the choices he makes. It is always in constant learning.

Computer learning

Computer Learning or how it is best-known Machine Learning allows the exponential growth of the machine, that is, the systems will have the capacity to learn alone and create interpretations based on models that they will create. With this, supervised learning is no longer used, giving space to automated computer learning.

What can we perceive with this?

Technology is increasingly present in people’s lives and it is up to them to qualify for this new phase of business development, which is growing at a rapid pace and consolidating itself more and more in the competitive market. The company that comes out ahead in this type of technology will have a competitive advantage in the market compared to other companies that still use the old or obsolete models and have not migrated to the new technologies.

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